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BitLocity is designed to Accelerate YOU to the SPEED OF SUCCESS! BitLocity is a digital educational Technology Platform.

Our Mission is to educate, enrich, and enhance our worldwide community about disruptive blockchain technology.

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About Bitlocity

THE WORLDS FIRST ALL-IN-ONE DECENTRALIZED Technology, Educational and Rewards Program –Designed to Accelerate YOU to the SPEED OF SUCCESS!

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About Bitlocity

THE WORLDS FIRST ALL-IN-ONE DECENTRALIZED Technology, Educational and Rewards Program –Designed to Accelerate YOU to the SPEED OF SUCCESS!
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Important Launch Update From BitLocity

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Hey all. i created this post because i thought it would be a valuable source of information if you are on-the-fence or apprehensive about joining the BITLOCITY opportunity that you may have seen promoted online these past several weeks. more specifically, it may also be of benefit if you are not quite sure about how the compensation works or maybe you have little or no experience with cryptocurrencies.

This opportunity may very well be one of the best opportunities to make some actual real profits. The last thing anyone wants is to sign up and be confused and/or hesitant to proceed further. It’s a bit wordy, but he wanted to make sure everybody was informed to a level of at least, basic understanding of how the Bitlocity opportunity is run. Please read on…

Basically, the following is the contents of an email my Bitlocity upline sponsor Paul sent out, specifically addressing the topics i’ve just mentioned.

Email dated January 14th 10:36 am (from my upline Bitlocity sponsor Paul.)

Hi, Everyone!

I hope you are well today!

First, let me apologize for this email is a little long. I know everyone is busy and the last thing you want is to be bombarded with emails from me. But I believe this is important so please bear with me and take a few minutes to read!

Over the last week and a half, we have had many new people join our team. With this, I have talked to many of them along with several that joined quite a while ago. In these conversations, I have found that many not all but many are still confused and do not understand BitLocity. this being the case I want to go over a lot of the most asked things here for everyone! I understand many of you already work with crypto and understand it! Even so please read through this email for nothing else to proof-read and check what I am telling others is correct!

Most always ask me Can I pay with another coin or a credit card? No BitLocity is only BitCoin In and BitCoin out, There is no other way to pay or receive, no exceptions. That is as plain as I can make it Absolutely nothing but BitCoin!

A lot then say I do not have or know how to use BitCoin! That is what the wallets are for: you must set up a wallet on your own that you can purchase, send, and receive BitCoin with. These wallets not only work

now what?

for BitLocity but you can use them on any Cryptocurrencies you deal with in the future! Now I know there are many wallets and exchanges out and I am in no way familiar with most of them! But the bare minimum requirement is that you can purchase, send and receive BitCoin if the wallet meets these requirements it will work for BitLocity!

For example, I am going to explain the ones I use and why to give you an idea! Again You can use any that meet the minimum requirements! My main Crypto account is Coinbase. I have used it for several years now, it is connected to my bank account! Here I can also convert all cryptocurrency to US dollars to move to my bank account, not all will do this! I have also set up a wallet on! This is where I will receive all my Bitcoin earnings from BitLocity! is a very easy wallet to set up and use. I really like it! One key point for both of these wallets is they are very secure no one can access your account without you knowing it! Along with being very simple to set up and use!

The reason I am using two wallets is simple. With Coinbase being my main account I do not want hundreds of transactions going to it a day! Remember this is the account I can exchange the BitCoin for dollars to move to my bank account! Plus use to send and receive any cryptocurrencies! Coinbase is very secure and very much like any other bank, you do not have full control of the account meaning Like your bank they can freeze your account to request more information on certain transactions if they have questions about some of the transaction! So if you have hundreds of transactions a day for a while they could suspect money laundering just like any other bank would do. Then they could freeze your account until you have evidence that you’re not doing anything illegal!


This is no different than most high-level banks do! To be honest it’s not a huge concern but I don’t want to take that chance so that is why I set up a Blockchain wallet. A big difference& advantage with this wallet is you have complete control of these wallets! Meaning when you set these up you will get 12 phrase words that you must write down and keep safe offline, with these words you can never be locked out of your account! That makes it a very safe and secure backup that you will always have!

So I will receive all my BitCoin payments to Blockchain. Then send it to my Coinbase account in lump sums every so often to hold and exchange for US dollars to withdrawal to my bank account as I choose, This way there are no problems and I have a backup just in case! Again this is how I am going to do it, you do what you are comfortable with! It costs nothing for you to set these wallets up and you do not have to fund them until you are ready, but they will be yours and there when you want them anytime in the future! Again that is Coinbase and (I made both these clickable for you if you want to check them out Just click them!) I hope I explained that where you can understand better, if not please contact me and we will go over it until you do!

I have talked to many that are confused about the levels and how they work and what level they should start with! The very last thing I want is for you to lose money from misunderstanding! It is very important to me that every single person who joins with me earns a very hefty profit from our activities!

The concept is easy if you take into consideration these few things! You must remember only the first 2 levels are company forced, meaning you can join these 2 levels and earn money from the whole company efforts without doing anything but joining! Everyone earns the same In these two levels company-wide whether they recruit anyone or not! So you join that level or both, the first time you cycle you break even and are reentered into the line again. from this point on every time you cycle it is 100% profit to you plus you re-enter the line again every time you cycle to do it all over again without ever paying out of pocket again! You pay once and earn forever! You got to like that!

Everything from the 3rd level on you only earn from your own efforts, they are not company forced! You only earn from people you have personally recruited into BitLocity along with some of who they bring on the pass ups!

Meaning if you are not bringing in people that will follow you up to the 3rd level and beyond you will not have anyone to earn from. This being said, remember as long as two people upgrade with you, you are in profit so a little effort can earn you tons in the upper levels as long as at least two upgrades with you! These levels you pay once again and as soon as just one person upgrades you breakeven from that point on every upgrade is 100% profit to you. Again each level pay once earns forever. You can truly earn a staggering amount in these upper levels with just a little work on your part!

Several have told me they are going to start on the 4th or 5th level, Then I look in the back office and they have no one under them! That is a big mistake if you do not bring others in you must stay in the bottom 2 levels where you earn from the efforts of the whole company! That is not a bad thing by the way; anyone who joins and enters the 1st and 2nd levels will earn a very nice profit with no effort and very low one time cost nothing wrong with that is there!

If you have people under you or plan to bring people in then by all means upgrade and start at whatever level you are comfortable with and you will earn a mind-blowing amount of money!

Remember if you have no one under you start and stay in the 1st 2 levels! If you have at least two people under you that will upgrade then move up as much as you are comfortable and earn big! One person upgrade under you you are even from then on it is 100% profit to you!

If you have not done so yet join the telegram group and also connect the mobile app to your CPU and phone! there is a free version of this app that you automatically get when you join you can get more information and better access with this free app so use it! There is also a $25.00 upgrade for the app with it you get many more options and advantages but it is not required it allows you to send your link by phone and gives you more notices! Only upgrade if you are going to market with your smartphone otherwise the free version is all you need!
you can connect through the back office from the download link then use your username and the same password you signed up with for BitLocity this will connect the two together! So you are getting more information as needed! the telegram group is the same, you join from the back office this is where all official updates and information is sent from! Stay informed so you do not miss anything!

I think that is enough for now! Please if you have any questions contact me right away! We could launch anytime now so you must be ready! You need everything ready to go when the time comes so you can take full advantage of this special opportunity! You do not want to lose money because you put it off and are not ready when the time comes! You are in a great position, so use it to make out big!

Below are two links to the latest presentation webinar and the Saturday workshop webinar on how to prepare for launch! If you have not watched these please do so they will help you understand and get everything ready for launch so you do not miss out!

JOIN US – ZOOM Webinar – Saturday Jan 29th 2021
11am EST/10am CST/9am MST/8am PST
*From Telegram link within your backoffice. Get in by just registering for free here NOW!
Click here for LATEST presentation webinar (Jan 26th 2021)
January 10th 2021 (update video)

Click here for training webinar how to prepare for launch

IMPORTANT NOTE: For the most up-to-date Bitlocity info quickly, we highly recommend you get/use the Telegram mobile app and join the following “Official” Bitlocity chat group. It is called…

This is a very special opportunity, do not waste it! It is up to you to get ready and take full advantage of the great position you are in right now! You will not find a simple, profit-earning platform out there right now so take advantage!

I know that was long, sorry again but I want everyone to take advantage and earn a lot of money here! Every single person who joins BitLocity in these early stages will earn a very nice profit with very little effort other than taking their positions! If you want to earn a truly mindblowing amount you very well can by inviting just a few people to join you! It is up to you to earn as much as you want with whatever amount of effort you want to put in! Rest assured though everyone will earn from BitLocity!

Stay Safe,
Be Ready To Earn Big,
Talk Soon

============== END EMAIL ==============

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A Compensation Plan Even If You Don’t Recruit: Explained

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The World’s FIRST All In One Decentralised Platform!
Technology, Educational and Rewards Program that’s Designed to Accelerate you to the Speed of Success!

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IMPORTANT NOTE: For the most up-to-date Bitlocity info quickly, we highly recommend you get/use the Telegram mobile app and join the following “Official” Bitlocity chat group. It is called…

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